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CoCo Loupe Dances has been collaboratively fashioning a wild movement adventure with professional dance artists Mina Estrada (Baton Rouge, LA) and Amiti Perry (Dallas, TX) via virtual platforms for several months now, alongside local dancer Stacey Decknick and musician/composer Michael Boyko.

Through long hours of experimenting with improvisational modes, philosophical banter, highly structured gestural choreography to 80s pop songs, and the pain of middle-aged adults managing the complexities of modern day technology, they have devised a dance theatre experience that feels like a dream inside of a music video, folded into a story about the glory and calamity of moving forward, falling backward, traveling inward, finding pause, dancing hard, singing with the body, while longing to feel your feet on solid ground. 

From One Foot to the Other is an evening of controlled falling. Like walking but more like traipsing. Like running while swaying or like dancing while being interviewed.


The work invites us to indulge in physical concepts such as This and That, Steps for the Ages, The Politics of Dancing, Shaking It Up and Time Sounding.

The process of meaning-making at a distance via virtual platforms comes together in choreographed and improvisational modules.

It’s not linear.
It’s not logical.
It’s a notion.

And it’s located in the shifts between places of balance.

Also, lip syncing.