Notes from Skype Session 01/20/19

This/That long duration

Singularities vs. Pluralities related to This/That

I have to keep refocusing - because it's asking me to pay attention to you in differently - Mina

Creates meaning, form, structure, content simultaneously

Viewer prompted by announcement to keep refocusing and to not have to worry about knowing or analyzing because the "point" is to follow the announcements? - paraphrasing Mina

Why can't I choreograph these kinds of dances? The ones that are so specific, idiosyncratic, full of meaning and form, etc?

The ones that we are getting at via This/That improvisation?

They're lovely, mysterious and kooky. They hold all kinds of paradox and contradiction in their execution but immediately are true and believable.

I love this.  - CoCo

I'm curious as to why these kinds of things get blocked when I go to set/choreograph/plan something.

So curious. I've been wondering this for years. Not just since This/That practice. Since I've used improvisation as a daily/creative practice. - CoCo


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