All of us finally got together!

Zoom! Recorded whole session.

FOFTTO warm up with time sounding component.

This/That experience

Time Sounding and Duration experience

Logistics and fundraising conversation

Stacey's "putting Olive to bed" explanation

Everyone come up with whatever THING that is for you. That signature time/space thing. Solos.

In the moment, single-focus attention on time influence then becoming aware of the fact that a whole string of things get me "here"

Looking back - there's a WHOLE time/space/action world that led to that particular moment. What did that world have in it? How did it come to exist, evolve, die? Who inhabited it and what were they up to?

Oh. Mentioned "unusual time" from Viewpoints class.

Forgot to mention "seeing" time as well as hearing and sensing it.

Much like we can hear space - discern distance and angle etc. We can see time through motion and lack thereof.

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