Hello Friends! 

We want to thank ALL of our supporters as we come to the end of our Orlando Fringe Festival 2019 experience!

Our show made so many people happy, and we learned a lifetime of lessons about HOW TO BE FRINGERS for the next time we get a chance to build a show for this wild festival!

Our donors paved the way for us to pull off  some great theatrical visions (television, camera, memory cards!) and helped to cover everyone's travel, van rental for equipment and artist transport, our marketing materials, our clothing for the show and things like TONS of water, meals for visiting artists and so much more.

All of the members of the collaborative team and all of the community performers had to miss a week of work (for the most part) by either taking unpaid time off or using vacation time to cover the days/nights of rehearsals and performances. Making shows like From One Foot to the Other costs time and money and it's something we strive to do while we work full-time jobs and multiple jobs. This project would not have been possible without you!

We can't thank you enough for giving to this project and to us as artists. Along with your financial assistance, you offered us an enormous amount of emotional and creative energy through your generous giving.

It is all felt, honored and deeply, deeply appreciated.

Here's a list of everyone who gave to our first Fringe project!

We will be doing dances for you...... forever!

From Tip Jar Support to Sherpa Status, you are all the ground beneath our feet!

John and Wanda Loupe

Blue, Megan and Houston Loupe

Sandy and Todd Nagel

George and Suzie Crudo

Tailinh F Agoyo

Noelle Chun

Noah Demland

Tina Cannavino

Liz Goad

Effy Grey

A Wootton

Carrie Brueck Morris

Marcie Mamura

Diana Perry

Renee Chatelain

Sara Narva

Caroline Wright


Lisa Hooks Murray

Mary Ann Jackson

Tate Evans


Jarrod Brown

Nicole Garlando

Thien-Kieu Lam

Morgan Carreon

Heather Smalley

Liz Goad

Todd Rosenlieb

Denise Earnest

Linda Voyles